Xeneta GmbH

Hoheluftchaussee 18, 20253 Hamburg, Germany

The Hamburg Office has very diverse and energetic teams that transmit a cheerful and professional atmosphere. Product, Sales and Customer Service are the main departments here. The office often comes together for social events, such as office quizzes, game nights or team dinners. There are also yearly events, like the summer party, Christmas party or our company trip. 

About the Hamburg Office

Hamburg, the second largest city in Germany after Berlin, is the country`s most important port city. It is also one of the greenest cities in Germany. The neighbourhoods in Germany all have green areas, but the closer you get to Hamburg`s rural areas the more pristine the nature becomes. In the middle of city centre, you can find Stadtpark, Planten un Blomen and the Volkspark. There are also lesser-known places like Eppendorfer Moor, which has a great number of unique plants and animals.

Besides these many beautiful green areas, there are numerous other places worth a visit. Among these are Mana Contemporary, International Maritime Museum, or Kunsthalle Hamburg. Also, if you want to see the harbour and waterside districts, a boat trip is a great way to do that.  

Relocation package

If your application is sucessful for Hamburg, we will offer a relocation package when you are moving from outside Germany. The relocation package will be considered as a taxable benefit and you are legally obliged to pay taxes upon it automatically with your payroll. Please be aware that we only cover your costs and not the costs for any family members.

-  Guidance with the administration and obtention of Foreign Identification Number and Tax Number in Germany
-  Reimbursement of visa costs for Germany
-  Reimbursement of a one-way economy flight for you to Hamburg
-  Accommodation support for the first 2 months in Hamburg.

Thorsten - VP of Strategic alliances. In Xeneta from April 2017

Xenetians are interested in moving the product forward and everyone is really engaged. I really appreciate the open communication. You can rely on all the people and if you have a problem it's going to be solved.

Theo - Account Executive. In Xeneta from May 2021

I joined Xeneta in May 2021 as an SDR. The career progression to being an AE, after 9 months was a rapid one. It was not all plane sailing though. There were of course highs and lows, but the support from everyone in Xeneta helped keep me grounded during the highs, or lifted me up during the lows. That team spirit, especially important during Corona restrictions that we had in Germany still in 2021, really enabled me to stay positive and be able to continue that upward progression.